Fireman (Trainee) Previous Question Paper - Model Questions

Fireman Trainee Previous Questions: Kerala PSC is scheduled the Fireman (Trainee) examination of 2020 to be conducted in May, 2020. Here is the model questions with answers for the Fireman Trainee PSC exam.

These are the repeated previous questions of the fireman trainee exam. You can easily practice these questions, which might be useful for the exam

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Fireman Trainee Model Questions - Mock Test

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1) Maria Elena South, the driest place of Earth is situated in the desert of:

2) The study of soil is known as:

3) Which social reformer is known as the Madan Mohan Malavya of kerala?

4) Which colour has the largest wavelength?

5) Lalgudi Jayaraman is a mastero of which musical instrument?

6) Ozone Day is on:

7) Who is considered as the father of Indian Planning Commission?

8) Which of the following is known as rolling planet or lying planet?

9) The term 'Genetics' was firstly used by?

10) ONE STRAW REVOLUTION is book written by:

11) 'Macondo' is an imaginary place in a novel written by Gabriel Garcia Marquez. What is the name of that novel?

12) Chenthuruni wild life sanctuary is situated in the district of:

13) Who was the founder of Lodi Dynasty?

14) ETNA volcano situated in:

15) 'Enmakaje' is the great work related with Endosulfan victims in kasargode. Who is the author of this book?

16) Who won the Swathi Sangeetha Puraskar 2014?

17) India had a plan hoiday between:

18) Proposed Capital of Andhra Pradesh is:

19) Odd one out: Chalakkudipuzha, Kunthipuzha, Pampa, Pampar

20) The real name of Dr. palpu, the social reformer of kerala:

21) Who was the founder and publisher of the newspaper 'swadeshabhimani'?

22) The river Bhavani is originated and flows from which plateau of Kerala?

23) The vice chairman of Rajyasabha is:

24) Who is the first women president of WHO (World Health Organisation)?

25) The 'Nehru Report' of 1928 is related with:

26) The beginning of 1857 revolt is on:

27) The vice chancellor of Thunchath Ezhuthachan Malayalam University is:

28) In which year Silent Valley declared as a National park?

29) The poem 'Prarodhanam' is written by:

30) Which of the following disease is not caused by water pollution?

31) The war of Kallinga is associated with:

32) The first country in the world to eliminate Mother-to-Child transmission of HIV and syphilis:

33) World Environment Day was observed on:

34) A person who spends large amounts of leisure time to operating a computer:

35) The state of India where the Election Identify Card was firstly issued?

36) The name of rescue and relief operation in Nepal by the Government OF India in the after math of the 2015 Nepal Earthquake:

37) The Headquarters of ONGC (Oil and Natural Gas Corporation) is situated at:

38) IFSC means:

39) Which of the following types of companies/organisations issue ULIP (United Links Insurance Plan)?

40) How many languages are recognized by the Constitution of India?

41) Who founded the Sadhu Jana Paripalana Sangham (SJPS)?

42) Jallianwala Bagh Massacre took place in the city:

43) The purpose of choke in the tube light is:

44) The father of economics is:

45) The word 'Tsunami' derived from the language of:

46) Who is known as the Iron Lady of Manipur?

47) The President of Venezuela is:

48) The provision regarding emergency are adopted from:

49) In which year the insurance companies nationalized in India?

50) In which River Tehri Dam is situated?

51) Bhilai Steel Plant is located in the Indian state of:

52) Who is the first winner of Jnanpith Award

53) Which of the following is considered as the soul of Indian Constitution?

54) The oldest Oil Refinery in India is at:

55) From which country Delhi Metro has received its first driverless train?

56) The seat of the Asian School of Cyber Laws

57) Who is the chairman of National Human Rights Commission?

58) Which article of Indian constitution prohibits the discrimination on the ground of religion, caste, sex or place of birth

59) One among the stars _____________ with a red colour.

60) India is not _________ European country.

61) I am not a convict _____________?

62) No wife can ___________ the tortures of her husband

63) At the climax of the film, there was a ___________ between the hero and the villain.

64) A bird often _________ eggs and hatch the chicks.

65) Pick out the correct word or sentence from the options.

66) Pick out the correct word or sentence from the options.

67) Pick out the correct word or sentence from the options.

68) Pick out the correct word or sentence from the options.

69) Pick out the correct word or sentence from the options.

70) Pick out the correct word or sentence from the options.

71) Pick out the correct word or sentence from the options.

72) Pick out the correct word or sentence from the options.

73) Pick out the correct word or sentence from the options.

74) Which one among the following is correctly spelt?

75) Replace the underlined word with another word opposite in meaning from the options. John is desirous of having a better life

76) Which one among the options is French in origin?

77) Substitute the underlined word with any of the following without changing the meaning of the sentence While quarrelling with the bus conductor, the passenger made some derisive comments.

78) What does the following idiom mean? 'A bolt from the blue'

79) Which one do not belongs to the group?

80) which the biggest number?

81) If x:y=4:1 then what will be the value of x+y:y?

82) Find the value of :(2-1-3-1)6

83) A train of length 200 m is moving with a speed of 72 km/h. How much time will it take to cross a bridge of length 400 m?

84) The average of seven consecutive odd numbers is 33. The smallest number among these is:

85) How much is 20 paise of ₹ 20

86) What will be the sum of numbers from 201 to 300

87) Choose the odd one:

88) Jose travels 7 kilometers to the North. Then he turns to the right and walk 3 kms. Then again he turns to his right and moves 7 kms. forward. Howmany kilometers away is he from the starting point?

89) Choose the missing letters: ab-bc-a-cbca-bc

90) If 12*13=6; 15*22=20 then 16*23=_____?

91) If 'DELHI' is coded as 73541 and 'CALCUTTA' is coded as 82589662 then how can 'CALICUT' be coded?

92) Bear:Cub::Horse:____?

93) If P=÷; R=+; T=-; v=* then 12V4R16P8T6=____?

94) If 2016 January 7 is Friday then what day is on 2016 May 1?

95) A is the son of B;C is the son of D;A is married to E;E is D's Daughter. How is C related to A?